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Use Grip Aperture from Optitrack to cause Interaction in NewtonVR


Great asset. I've been using NewtonVR for over a year now for my PhD work. Long story short, I test limb embodiment. I use VR to change how people's limbs look to them and then then manipulate what they feel in the real world to see how that affects their experience of embodiment during object interactions.

I'm pretty close, but I can't get this one thing for my next experiment.

I use Optitrack motion capture system. I'd like to use the grip aperture, which I have already feeding into Unity, so that's not the problem.

I want to use the value of grip aperture to trigger an object interaction. So, basically, how would I assign this grip aperture variable to be able to trigger and continue an object grasp when it is sufficiently small, and then release when the value of grip aperture gets to a large enough value? I've gone into the NVRInputDevice script and NVRHand, etc and can't seem to see where you assign the actual values from the buttons on the HTC Vive controllers.

Any help with this would be great.