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Is this project dead?

I fear that an ever-crowding space filled with VRTK, SteamVR and Unity's own XR Interaction Toolkit is discouraging further development. Is this project dead?

NewtonVR on Oculus Quest

Hi, I downloaded NewtonVR and I'm not able to make it work wih Oculus Quest. I've tried everything, but there is no information about this anywhere. Has someone give me some light on how to make it work properly? Thanks!

Steam vr player position and height not set

hello sir, I am making race game in steam vr. My editor is uniy3d. in my game player position is set in car sheet. But when i am running game the player position is not set. It will change run time. Also I am trying UnityEngine.XR.InputTracking.disablePositionalTracking = true; this code in awake method. using this line my player is set but my left and right hand not set .

Use Grip Aperture from Optitrack to cause Interaction in NewtonVR

Hi, Great asset. I've been using NewtonVR for over a year now for my PhD work. Long story short, I test limb embodiment. I use VR to change how people's limbs look to them and then then manipulate what they feel in the real world to see how that affects their experience of embodiment during object interactions. I'm pretty close, but I can't get this one thing for my next experiment. I use Optitrack motion capture system. I'd like to use the grip aperture, which I have already feeding into Unity, so that's not the problem. I want to use the value of grip aperture to trigger an object interaction. So, basically, how would I assign this grip aperture variable to be able to trigger and continue an object grasp when it is sufficiently small, and then release when the value of grip aperture gets to a large enough value? I've gone into the NVRInputDevice script and NVRHand, etc and can't seem to see where you assign the actual values from the buttons on the HTC Vive controllers. Any help with this would be great. Cheers,

Headset stuck on loading screen

Hi, I'm trying to use NewtonVr with oculus rift for a game I'm working on but I keep running into an issue. The SDK works fine when dropped into a new project (I think I could use pointers on how specifically to bring it into the project. More on that later) but we are using unity collab to have multiple people working on the project, and whenever I upload a project with NewtonVr in it to collab and pull it onto another machine it stops working. Details on Issue: When I enter play mode in the editor it enters play mode fine, however the rift headset goes into the white grid scene, shows a loading screen and stays there indefinitely. In the editor I can see the cameras on the NVR player moving, and the headset is being tracked, but I am not able to see the game in the headset. There are no errors or warnings in the console, but after the first time the loading screen comes up, the headset usually stays stuck on the loading screen and won't go back to oculus home. Sometimes it will go back to oculus home but it's inconsistent. We were also attempting to use VRTK, and after watching a tutorial on the VRTK youtube we were trying to use NVR for the camera rig, and VRTK for movement and teleportation. This didn't seem to be working well so we abandoned this idea and we are trying to just use NVR. I bring it up because VRTK is still in the project and there are scripting define symbols associated with VRTK still in the player settings. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Are there any settings I can check that might help me narrow down what's happening? Without any errors in the console I'm not sure where to start looking to fix the problem. We are using Unity version 2018.3.12f1, Oculus Utilites v1.36.0, and OVRPlugin v1.36.0 On the topic of bringing NVR into the project: The documentation details out the process of adding links via the command prompt and I'm not sure if I understand what that process is doing. In my project I had just unzipped the NVR repo download and dragged it into the project hierarchy, I don't know if this is correct, but it was working fine when I did it in new test projects.) I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Different movement option

Hi, I'm using Newton VR for a project I'm working with right now that uses portals, I can't use the teleporters when using teleportation so I want to create my own script that moves using the thumb sticks. I don't know where I would begin updating your player controller to add this new type of movement

Has a flowergun problem

Hi guys, when i used oculus rift cv1 touch to pick up flowergun ,the gunpoint towards floor not forward,how to set it?

SteamVR_Controller Broken.

The NVRSteamVRInputDevice Script is throwing an error "Assets/NewtonVR/SteamVR/NVRSteamVRInputDevice.cs(16,17): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `SteamVR_Controller' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?" Iv'e tried fixing myself but just cant figure it out. Please help me fix this or release a patch to fix it.

Interactable Object Drag

Hello! Does anyone know how I could add drag to a held object, to make it lag behind the controller position slightly? In my case I'd like a sword to lag behind the hand slightly to give it more of a sense of weight. Just changing the drag value of the rigidbody on the held object doesn't seem to do anything until after the sword is dropped. Many thanks, Samuel Gordon.

Hi, API reference leads to 404.

Any chance this will be looked at?