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NewtonVR allows players to pick up, drop, throw, and use held objects. Items don't pass through other items (rigidbodies), or the environment (non-rigidbodies). Rather, held items interact with other rigidbodies naturally - taking mass into account. We include a simple collision sound framework. And it works with both Oculus and SteamVR cleanly, with more to come.

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Creating More than just a "Hold" and "Use" button

Posted by michelle vo 6 months ago


I'm trying to build an educational app where you can change the scale of objects whenever you press the D-Pad Up and Down. However, NVR Hand only has "Grip" and "Use", when I need 2 Use buttons instead of one.

I tried imitating what was used to create the Hold and Use button in event systems, but I'm not getting it to register any buttons being pressed. Has anyone ever used NewtonVR with multiple use buttons?

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