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NewtonVR allows players to pick up, drop, throw, and use held objects. Items don't pass through other items (rigidbodies), or the environment (non-rigidbodies). Rather, held items interact with other rigidbodies naturally - taking mass into account. We include a simple collision sound framework. And it works with both Oculus and SteamVR cleanly, with more to come.

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Head and hands appear on the floor when playing the example scene

Posted by Rob Currie 10 months ago

I am using NewtonVR with an Oculus CV1 with the hand controllers. Using just the example scene provided with the Unity package, when I run it the VR displays as if my head is at height 0 and my hands slightly below that. The hands track correctly and can interact with objects but I feel that the NVRPlayer is not being positioned correctly on initialization. If I drag the position of the NVRPlayer up so that the mesh robot representation is hovering and then run it, it appears correctly however that doesn't seem like it should be working like that. What step have I missed or is there something misconfigured?

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