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NewtonVR allows players to pick up, drop, throw, and use held objects. Items don't pass through other items (rigidbodies), or the environment (non-rigidbodies). Rather, held items interact with other rigidbodies naturally - taking mass into account. We include a simple collision sound framework. And it works with both Oculus and SteamVR cleanly, with more to come.

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Controllers being inactive after scene change

Posted by DonAndre about a year ago

I have an issue with NVRPlayer where after I change the scene the hand controllers just go inactive (they appear grey in the hierarchy). I can activate them manually from the editor but that causes the tracking to be off.

I've tried numerous approaches but I can't seem to solve the problem.

I have no idea if the problem lies in NewtonVR, SteamVR or Unity itself.

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